Knowing Which Search Engine Optimization Service to Avoid

SEO is a very profitable business for many companies. The problem with many SEO companies is that they are cagey about their practices. These companies use unethical means to gain rankings for your website, which hurts your reputation in the long term. Here are a few pointers to tell good SEO services in Melbourne from the bad ones.

ImageGuaranteed results

A company may tell you that it will guarantee a #1 ranking on Google’s search results. However, there is no way that a company can guarantee such a result. That is because:
•    Google keeps updating its search engine algorithms and rankings change periodically
•    Google detects sites that use shady practices and come to the first page or SEO results and downgrades them for months
•    Google does not share the process by which it ranks websites for its search results

Therefore, if you find a company that promises to bring you to the #1 ranking, it is either lying to you or it will use unethical means such as keyword stuffing and excessive link building to bring your web pages to the first page.

Results in 2 weeks  

ImageMany search engine optimization service will also tell you that you will be able to see your website on the first page of search engine results within 2 weeks. Again, whenever a website gains rankings so fast, it is likely the result of gaming the search engine and not because it is properly optimized.

Even if you do reach such rankings in two weeks, rest assured that Google or any other search engine would downgrade your website within two days. As a result, your website will soon be buried deep in the search results and your incoming traffic and revenue will take a nosedive.

SEO is not something you do once and leave alone. It is a very methodical and gradual process. To genuinely make it to the top 10 results in Google and Yahoo, your website needs solid content and ethical optimization over a period of several months. Do not fall into the trap of agencies that promise you quick and guaranteed results, but choose good SEO services in Melbourne with a credible reputation.